Who are we?

We are a friendly community choir based in the London Borough of Havering. We are now into our ninth year and are hoping to continue improving and developing.

The choir is led by our musical director - Enid Weaver.
A variety of musical genres and styles is covered by the choir and we work towards two sets of performances a year, a Summer Concert and a Christmas Concert.

Our members represent a variety of ages, backgrounds and musical abilities and are drawn from the local area around Havering. There is one thing we all share - a love of singing.

Choir members are encouraged to practice at home using the on-line rehearsal recordings and/or the CD-ROM that is provided for each concert.
This helps those of us who do not read music.

Thinking of joining us?

See our Membership page.

if you are interested in joining us, you are more than welcome to attend a rehearsal or two, enjoy refreshments in the break and chat with us.

You will be able to join or will be added to our waiting list.

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The Choir is a member of the Havering Arts Council

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